Monday, October 5, 2009

Items We Will Accept

We want to offer our shoppers high quality, clean, barely used condition items. Therefore, we are asking that you, our consignors, bring high quality, clean, barely used condition items! Please refrain from bringing outdated, stained, torn or very harshly used clothing, toys and other peices to place in the sale.

What we would love to see:

  • baby and children's gently worn clothing (fall / winter only)
  • juniors and women's gently worn clothing (fall / winter only)
  • accessories (purses, bags, jewelry, baby slings, diaper bags)
  • baby toys (pack n' plays, exersaucers, play mats, jumparoos, etc)
  • high chairs
  • cribs
  • strollers
  • maternitiy clothing (fall / winter only)
  • tasteful holiday decor
  • baby / toddler bedding sets
  • ballet / gymnastics / karate / attire
  • formal wear
  • new condition shoes
  • like new children's books & toys
  • DVDs, VHS, cds (in original package, limit of 5 per consignor)

What we prefer not to see:

  • worn, torn or stained items
  • spring / summer clothing (save that for the next sale!)
  • outdated items (the 80's are part of the past for a reason!) :)
  • kids meal toys
  • stuffed animals

***Please make sure to check all baby gear (slings, car seats, etc) at for safety and recall information before bringing it to the sale.***

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